Living Life Passionately

Blogs are typically focused on a particular passion that someone has on a particular subject.  When brainstorming the topic for my blog, I tried to think of the main aspect in my life that I was passionate about.  In doing so  I came to the revelation that my  current passion in life is living life passionately.  This is something that I strive for on a daily basis.  To be perfectly honest, I have not yet found my specific passion in life.  I have yet to find the one thing that enlivens me, that one thing that I focus on above all things.  I don’t believe it is time for me to find it though.  For it is through looking for my “passion” that I have learned how to live life passionately.  Finding ones passion is not easy, for life throws many curveballs your way.  It is imperative to realize that most anything worth attaining must be worked towards.  I can attest to this, and with all of the wonderful days I have, I still encounter bad ones as well.  But it is in this time where I choose to learn from my mistakes, appreciate the good times, and be open to every situation life brings my way.

                I’ve noticed that since I have begun living life passionately  I have found many smaller “passions.” The smaller passions are different hobbies or activities that ignite the fire with-in me, which keep me motivated throughout my journey of finding my true “passion” in life. Through this journey I’ve noticed that I have impacted the lives of others by sharing different insights with them that I have learned through different experiences in life.   Through my blogs, I will share with you the different ways that I have come to find a few of my passions.  I have no doubt that this will ultimately guide me on my search for my ultimate life’s path.  I am confident that this blog will be another one of those stepping stones that lead me in the direction of finding my true calling.  So, welcome aboard! I’m excited to see just what the future of this blog entails.

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