Looking with-in

When on the path of discovering your life passion, you must first look with-in yourself.  Knowing who you are, what you believe and what you stand for are imperative.  One thing that has helped me to find myself is journaling.  I began a little over a year ago and have just completed my first journal.  It’s amazing to look through my journal entries and notice how much I’ve grown over the course of a year.

I’d like to share with you one of my journal entries in particular.  In order to fully understand the meaning behind it, I’ll give a brief background:

Three of my friends moved to Ireland for the summer and I went visit them on the last two weeks that they were there.  We traveled through different parts of Ireland and spent the last four days in Amsterdam.  I brought my journal with me and wrote in it throughout the entire trip.  On the flight home, I wrote exactly what was on my mind.  I usually struggle in being completely open with my feelings, but I was on such a high from the experiences of traveling that I didn’t restrict myself from my thoughts and was able to write freely. 

I didn’t think very much of this entry at the time that I wrote it.  But as I was skimming through my old journal entries, I came across this one in particular; it really touched me.  Since then, I have  read it to quite a few people.  By reading this entry I have become more comfortable in exposing me self to others and actually allowing them to get to know the real me!    So here goes:

“We are all put on this earth for a reason.  I believe it is the personal duty of humankind to find their true calling.  Not all of us do.  The road/path is not easy.  There are obstacles and standstills along the way, but this is not anything that we can’t handle.  For if you work towards this and find your passion, the universe will reward you.  I have a deep care for the well being of mankind.  I wish to be one of the forefathers in this current global crisis we are in.  I have a great life set out for me.  I impact the lives of those which I encounter and will only continue to do so.

It takes many different types of people in order for our world to function.  We should not judge or criticize those that lead simpler lives or even those that live wealthier lives.   Be at peace with where and who you are.  Realize that your actions lay out the itinerary of your life.  Use the gifts and talents which are given to you.”

Angelique M. Watson,  8/3/09

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