What is your outlet?

I challenge you to find your inner outlet.  My definition of outlet is something that helps to bring you peace of mind; an activity that allows you to express your inner emotions.  It is a way of releasing built up energy.  I’ve recently found one that works  really well for me.  I stumbled across it actually.  My roommate bought four ceramic masks that came with basic paint.  We painted them one night and I became really creative with mine.  So, this sparked an interest in me and as part of my birthday present my mom bought an acrylic paint set for me.  I have since completely re-decorated my room and painted sooo many different things in it, including my chest-of-drawers, bedside table, and a bunch of canvases.  I create abstract paintings as well as inspirational quotes and words on my furniture and canvases.  Painting helps me to focus my energy and it relieves a lot of the excess stress that I carry along with me.

So I challenge you to find your outlet.  Be open to trying out different things.  I wouldn’t have EVER guessed that I could paint or would even enjoy it soo much.  Good Luck!

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