I believe in living life for the moment.  I aspire to enjoy every second of every moment of life.  One of the ways in which I work on doing so is by dancing.  I free dance in the shower before work in the morning and move however my body feels like.  I dance in my car while sitting in traffic.  I dance at work whenever a fun song comes on.  I dance in the living room with my roommates and pretend as if I’m performing to a crowd.

I find that this helps to relieve stress.  Dancing helps me to shake off worries and puts a smile on my face.  Most of my friends do this as well and we all agree that it’s a fun way to take stress away.  So next time you find yourself grooving to some music in the shower, listen to your body and move in whatever way your body is telling you to!

One thought on “Dance!”

  1. Hey Agelique,

    I’ve read the frist page and the dance blog. I think that from knowing you and being your friend, you are a very energetic person. Your beginning your search to find yourself. I feel that a way to find yourself is to only be around the people that agree with you. If noone agrees with you, then you need to search for yourself on your own. That is just a little bit about how I feel towards real life. I could take it into more detail but I want to talk to you for that. Let me know what you think.


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