It’s been a while…

I haven’t updated my page in the past two weeks.  There aren’t any excuses really, just that life got in the way.  I was really sick for awhile and was not feeling up to it.  I then began to feel overwhelmed.   I had so many topic ideas and didn’t know where to begin.  This is a major flaw of mine.  I tend to avoid different situations rather than face them.  But this is something I am actively working on.  This blog really means a lot to me and it is helping me on my journey.  I decided to send this message out today and am putting myself back on track.  Do stay tuned, I promise there are many great blogs go come!

In the meantime I challenge you to think of something in your life that you’ve put on hold or that you are avoiding.  Face it and actively work on whatever it is you are avoiding.

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