a new beginning

I’ve attempted this before and was unsuccessful, but I feel as if I”m more ready now.  I have a greater understanding of  my actions and am better at controlling them.  I’m sure your wondering what it is I plan on doing exactly.  Well, first, I’ll give a slight background to those of you who don’t know me.  As of this month, I”ve been a vegetarian for two years.  I’ve recently begun incorporating raw foods into my diet and through this I have begun juicing fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.  Whenever I eat predominately raw, with out any processed foods, I feel amazing.  At times I feel a sense of euphoria.  It is in this time where my life seems clear and obstacles of the past seem almost irrelevant.  In one of my raw foods books, there is a 3 week program where you eat predominately raw foods, with a few cooked vegetables here and there.  I’ve decided that I am starting that three week program today!  But I do not see it as a program, rather as a lifestyle.  Yes, it will be hard to turn down the chips and salsa at La Fonda tomorrow night or the desserts at Thanksgiving on Thursday, but I feel as if I need to do this for myself. 

The next three weeks will be quite a journey for me.  I will blog everyday to fill you in on my thoughts and feelings.  I can’t even begin to imagine the growth that I will encounter.  For when I eat raw for even just two or three days, the thoughts I think arise to a deeper level than the day before.  The next three weeks will not only be a journey of the body but also of the spirit, the intellect, and emotion.

My challenge for you today is to think of something that you enjoy doing, that gives you a calming feeling but you just haven’t done it in a while.  Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s riding your bike, maybe it’s calling an old friend, maybe it’s even choosing healthier eating habits. Whatever your “something” is, take it and actually try to do it by the weeks end.  Once you actually go through with it, you’ll probably wonder why you’ve been putting it off for so long.


2 thoughts on “a new beginning”

  1. “At times I feel a sense of euphoria. It is in this time where my life seems clear and obstacles of the past seem almost irrelevant.”

    That is beautiful.

    Let us see. I have known this beautiful, smart, funny, precious LIGHT of a WOMAN for a year now. Seems funny how we met, she was and still is roommates with two of my best friends, Lauren and Emily. Our paths crossed, and a friendship began to sprout! It has been an honor to be able to witness her personal growth. When Angelique Watson puts her mind to something, I have seen it for myself, she does it. She never gives up. She does not have a dishonest bone in her body. Purest heart. Stands up for her beliefs. Wakes up EVERY MORNING with a goal, a new challenge to conquer, a new quest to experience. She is breathtakingly beautiful. That is only a few of her many admirable characteristics. The next chapter in her life is an exciting one! She begins her biggest challenge yet to come, going off into the world and sharing her gifts. Once again, our paths will go different ways. Goodbyes to dear friends are always bittersweet, this will be no different 😦 :). Angelique’s spirit will always and forever be in my heart. Whatever God is out there, whoever created the universe, whoever knows all the answers to life that we humans consistently ask.. THANK YOU. Thank you for bringing Angel into my life. I believe in everything she is, and who she is to come.

    Your friend, Simone

  2. Well, I’m glad you didn’t end up eating a burrito the other day. Those beans have lard in them.
    How did you fare on your 3 week timetable? Partial, or complete success?

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