Writing amazes me;  it’s so intimate, so in the moment, so figurative.  I fear it at times and hesitate to give myself the time to write. Yet, when I do, it never ceases to amaze me.

I was just proofreading/editing a group paper for a class of mine.  As I was writing the introduction and conclusion, I did not allow myself to erase any words.  I just had to go with the first thoughts that came to mind and allow the rest of the paragraph to flow according to the previous thought.  As I was writing each sentence with out any erasing, I noticed how quickly my thoughts change.  If I would have allowed myself to change the words, the sentences would have been completely different. I believe that every word stems from some thought  you are having.  Every thought is subject to change, which means every word is as well.  Words and thoughts are subject to change because we have the power to control them.  For instance, if I would have brushed my teeth for a mere 5 seconds longer this morning I may have never written these exact words down.   The 5 second time delay would have brought different occurences along with it.  And with different occurences comes different thoughts, with different thoughts obviously comes different words.

Writing helps me to step back and think.  I feel at peace and at the same time allow myself to ponder upon the different complexities and trivialities of life.  I think of all the things I could write about and feel both  overwhelmed and exhilarated.  I’m excited to see where my writing will take me, for  it has already helped to release a few of the blocks that I unconsciously put up over the years. I’ve decided to challenge you in a different way today.  I’m challenging you to make a conscious effort to appreciate each moment in life.  To become more aware of your actions.   To control your actions and not to simply react to what is going on around you.  To realize how even a one second delay can completely change the way the rest of your day will unfold.  Hopefully, you will begin to control your life and choose the better choice when life throws a decision your way!

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