I’m terrible with commitments.  I  just realized that the last time I posted something was November 24th and today is December 6th.  Quite some time has passed since then.  Yes, I have been very busy with school, work and life but one of the main reasons is the simple fact that I didn’t follow through with my previous post.  I committed to a 3 week mainly raw/healthy lifestyle and to blogging about it everyday.  After not following through with it, I went back to my original habit of avoidance.  I avoided coming here because I didn’t know what to say.  I don’t know what this says about me and I’m disappointed. I realize that I have no other choice than to take this experience and roll with it. I broke my commitment and can’t go back.

I believe that with an open mind, we can learn something from each experience we incur.  From breaking my commitment to you guys and to myself, I’ve learned that avoiding blogging about it was the silliest thing that I could have done.  I feel lighter now since I’m finally facing it and will hopefully not do this again.

My challenge  is to think of something that you’ve planned on doing, whether it be for personal growth,  family, work, or school related or anything really. But something  that you didn’t follow through with.  Relive those emotions and think of how it made you feel.  But also think of what you could or did learn from this experience.  Our lives are full of choices.  In choosing the better choice, we learn and grow from our faults and failures. This not only leads us to becoming a better-version-of-ourselves but also guides us on our journey to finding our life’s true passion and purpose!

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