beginning a new chapter

I haven’t blogged in about four months and have decided to come back to it.  My life has changed quite a bit since my last post.  I moved to Austin about a month ago. I’ve yet to find a job but am really enjoying the town!   I know this where I need to be at this moment. 

I’ll admit that I am nervous and it is hard to leave my life up to fate.  I worry constantly but I realize deep down that I have no need to.  I’ve been practicing yoga regularly and this has been my life saver.  It calms my nerves, helps me to think clearly and connects me with my inner self.

I’ve been thinking of  writing but haven’t done it.  I find that I frequently think of things but don’t act upon them.  Starting today, I’m going to blog more frequently.  For it helps me to focus.  To admit what I have and have not been doing.  It brings out my creative side and motivates me to dive further inside.

What have you been avoiding?  Think of something that you’ve would  like to do but you just haven’t.  Something that subconsciously crosses the back of your mind.  And I challenge you to actually try to do it. 

Until tomorrow 🙂

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