Bolden Creek

I’m sitting outside of my favorite spot in Austin, Bolden Creek Cafè.  Journaling.  Appreciating nature.  Feeling the sun shining through the openings in the shade of the trees.  Listening to the chirping of birds and hearing the idle chatter of those sitting around me.  I have a peaceful feeling inside, for this is something that makes my heart smile.  Allowing myself to do and feel things as I wish.  My inner passions do not seem so silly nor do they feel so far away.  They feel possible, feel real, actually feel attainable.  I feel connected with my soul.  I am going to strive to constantly feel this way, to work on putting myself in situations where I naturally grow.  To consciously put forth this effort until I no longer have to work at encouraging this side of me to shine through.

I’ve thought of a few things during this sitting.  I’ve gone through changes lately; some great, some difficult.  I am starting to truly understand myself.  It has been a rather slow process, but I am opening up as I am ready.

I’m nervous, I’m anxious.  I’m bold, yet timid.  Where I lack confidence in some areas, I make up for it in others.

I’m beginning to allow myself to fully follow my path.  I was too scared and unsure before.  I’m allowing myself to come to peace with my past, with things that held me back from growing.  I’ve spent too much time dwelling on what I haven’t done or what I’ve missed out on.  Yet, as I dwell on the past, I continue to miss out on those same things in the present.  I am consciously focusing on exerting my energy towards things which make me happy ‘in the now.’

I’ve decided not to give you a challenge today, but rather an encouragement.  I encourage you to sit outside, under the shade of a tree.  Feel the wind blowing through your hair and over your skin.  Close your eyes and listen to the birds, to cars passing by or whatever is going on around you.  Just listen to the different things going on around you; those that you would normally take for granted.  And be. Simply be.  Appreciate all that you are and all that you are to become.   And all that I ask of you is to spread this new-found appreciation on to someone else!


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