My Delicate Self

I enjoy rainy days and star-filled nights. I enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy discovering my true nature. I enjoy unraveling layers I’ve kept stuck together for far too long.

I cherish this precious time I’m living. I understand I will continuously experience transitions through my journey, but feel as if I’m going through something greater than this. I sense a metamorphisis of the self. From no longer holding myself back from the experiences of life, to looking the unknown dead in the eye. And smirking whilst doing so.

I feel more internally beautiful as each sunset bids the day goodbye, and as each sunrise welcomes the beginning of another. I attract fellow beings to my being. I grow more ‘uniquely me’ as each chirp is chirped, as each life is welcomed, as each spirit is bid adue.

Are you growing? Are you transitioning?

My family came to visit just last weekend. As I was happy to see them, I felt a sense of relief as I hugged them goodbye. I’m truly thankful for the time I’m spending in Austin. I’m living on my own, being my own person. Coming and going as I please, without worry over the thoughts of others. Am forgetting to allow trivialities to burden my soul. Complement others with out noticing their flaws. Am a calm soul.

Spending time with my family helped me to appreciate my precious time here. For it’s so fragile, so important. It’s imperative that I grow. For who and what I surround myself with greatly influences this growth, this self, this delicate self.

I feel a bit self absorbed when I write of myself in this way. Yet, as I write, I realize things, which unlocks locks I’ve kept locked away. I am one step closer to my true self, one step closer to fulfilling my lifes purpose, one step closer to fully feeling my soul, one step closer.

I prefer being one step closer over one back. Don’t you?




                      to look inside of yourself

Complement your being for all that you’ve achieved, for all the steps you’ve taken forward.

Dare to be different.

Dare to be you.

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