Singing in the rain.  First thought that came to mind as I’m sitting at work, waiting for 7:30 to come.  I’m going to Robert Plant’s concert tonight.  A friend from college, ha sounds so old and sophisticated, is in town for a few days and he invited me to this show.  I almost passed up the opportunity.. how silly of me!

Anyway singing in the rain. When I first arrived at work this afternoon, it was pouring down.  Funny how an unexpected thunderstorm quickly changes your day.  Students were walking into the studio with silly smiles.  To my excitement no one seemed upset by it.  I even spoke to one student who walked half a mile to get here and he said how he enjoyed the rain beating down on him.  And I was slightly jealous.  Well jealous is the completely wrong word for such an emotion, I could relate with him.  I guess I was a bit wistful.  For I love walking in the rain, skipping in the rain, twirling in circles in the rain, laughing in the rain.  I feel it’s one of natures gifts to us, and we far too often take it for granted. 

I notice that I don’t hear thunderstorms very much anymore.  They seem to have been more frequent in my childhood.  Maybe I just noticed them more or found them to be more majestic then.  But as I say this I beg to differ.  For over the past few months I’ve been truly embracing this majestic world we live in.  Truly embracing the heat, the cold, the sunshine, the shade, the humidity, the dryness, the light and the darkness, the everything 🙂

Life is changing before my very eyes.  I’m not sure where I’m being led, but boy am I enjoying this journey.  I’ve dealt with many internal demons.  Well, that seems a bit dramatic, internal struggles maybe?  Any who, I’ve dealt with things I didn’t even realize I had locked up inside.  I know there is more to come, but I am excited.  For it feels soo darn good to actually see my growth, to observe the different obstacles I’ve faced.

 Today my challenge you for is to actually come up with your own challenge.  You know your internal self better than I.  Deep down, well probably not even too far down, you know what you are not facing.  Take time for yourself, let it come up naturally.  I suggest meditation.  But meditation doesn’t have to be the traditional cross-legged upright posture, it can be running, singing, dancing, reading, writing; anything that brings out your inner light.  Anything that makes you smile, that relaxes you, that doesn’t harm your body, anything in which you truly enjoy.  Good day 🙂

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