Diving in

I’m going off on an adventure. One which will be different from any other I’ve taken. For it will be a true adventure of the self, where most of my time spent will be within the self, the internal self.  

You see, over the past two years I’ve experienced many changes, much growth. And I’ve now reached a point where it’s time for me to bring together all that I‘ve learned. I will be living on a friends land for an undetermined amount of time. There will be a few people close by but I will be spending the majority of my time alone. Journaling, swimming, painting, running, sleeping, praying, thinking, dreaming, dancing, living in a meditative state, allowing my creative energies to flow. I plan on facing all the questions I can think, truly asking myself and truly listening to myself. Finding my way.  

I’m coming into my sacred space, am preparing for this magical time to come. Am writing down that which I would like help with , that which I hold questions. I am excited for this time, for I know and feel that this is exactly what I am supposed to do. A new strength is what I will find, a new determination, a realization of what it is I am to do, of the next step, the next thought, or the next idea which will guide me further along my path.  

My phone will be off for at least two weeks so that I may free myself of possible distractions, possible setbacks. I realize there are some of you I haven’t called back or kept in contact with. My focus has been on growing and figuring things out lately. Promise I’ll call when the time is right J  

“So, what is it that you are doing?” you may still ask. My best explanation is not one of a direct response. I’m better with explaining feelings, emotions stirring inside. The lines ahead explain that which I’m coming into, where my focus will lay in a subconscious way, what I hope you will begin to believe for yourself, if you haven’t already..  

It’s enjoying this journey. Loving yourself and appreciating the times in which you can spend alone. Appreciating the time you spend in love, in happiness with those you care about. It’s embracing your insecurities and learning to be patient with yourself. In learning to love your quirks, and smirk at yourself. Truly enjoying your own company. It’s opening yourself to the miracles and signs Spirit sends you. It’s touching people’s lives by living out your truth. It’s knowing your truth, what it is you stand for. And it’s following through with this knowledge, being the bigger person in this world, taking that first step towards following your heart, your path, what God is leading you to, what Spirit is calling to you, what YOU desire to achieve.  

Putting yourself first in an unselfish way. Coming into or finding that balance, the balance which you love yourself. Where you know what is best for you and that encourages you to help out others in the best way you can. It’s feeling this deep pull from the very depths of your soul. Listening to music, and finding a passion in that moment. Leading you to that place you dream of living in. Helping it to become closer to reality than you could ever imagine. It’s finally realizing your way of teaching others. Seeing for the first time the depth of your work. The intelligence in which you hold, that you can honestly achieve anything you wish, anything you put your mind to. That you are a powerful being, you are special. You have the potential to change and to touch many, many lives. That you are someone well-respected and loved. That you are becoming the person you dream of being. The realization you are on your journey and there isn’t any getting off. You have released yourself to the will of the universe, to that which God, Yahweh, Allah, the Spirit, whomever has called you to. It’s the moment that you are on your path, and through this action you guide others to follow their true paths. It’s the hopeful domino effect. It’s never giving up. It’s keeping your positive outlook, no matter the obstacles. It’s the realization of the balance in life, that with good comes bad and with bad comes good. It’s the acceptance of the bad, but the relentless power to allow the good to shine through. And it is discovering all of this through the direct connection of your spiritual self.  

4 thoughts on “Diving in”

  1. Angelique, this was beautifully put. It’s hard to say all this succinctly when you meet someone for the first time and they say, “What do you do?” You are courageous, and I admire your faith.

  2. Hi Angelique. I haven’t spent much time on blogs and I have never commented on one, so I don’t know if I am doing this in the right place. Anyway, This is David from The Greatcoats. I really like what I have read so far on here. I am interested to hear more about your adventures and where your life’s philosophy comes from. Thanks for sharing this with me. Email me sometime. Let me know what you think of the album.

  3. You have touched on all of the philosophical truths that affect each of us as we experience life on Earth and you have expressed it beautifully. Good job! Keep going. I send love to you in your journey.

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