Wake up!


Haha. I can’t help but laugh, but chuckle as I glimpse at some of my old writings. I say old, but merely a month and a half ago.

I’m impressed.

Very impressed, very pleased with myself. I can directly point the growth I’ve come into by stepping up. Facing that which was bothering me and dealing with it. Within the past 6 weeks I’ve lived out in nature and learned many a lesson. I attended a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. I’ve healed myself in South Padre. Spirit has blessed me with beautiful human beings surrounding me. Spirit has blessed me with beautiful spirits surrounding me. I’ve stepped up to the plate, am answering the call, not questioning, just flowing through life. Taking each day for what it is, striving to live in the present moment, with-in reality.

As I’m sitting here, typing, I feel this sensation come over my body. A blissful sensation, a natural high. I feel my thighs on the chair, I pay attention to the feelings of the keys from the keyboard on my fingertips, I notice the strength of my back holding my posture upright, I feel the hair pulled up in a messy bun on the top of my head, I feel the breath coming into my nostrils, I feel the warmth of my heart, the glow of my energy, I feel me, I feel Angelique and I tell myself Hi. I tell myself how much I love me. I feel honored, blessed to be me, and I couldn’t imagine being any different. I love my quirks, I love my insecurities for I am healing them. I am facing them, I sense the challenge and I LOVE it.

Learning how to deal with me. Understanding why I feel down when I do so and realizing that life comes in waves. 

Realize that we will not be perfectly happy at every moment and be ok with it, for this is perfectly normal. We are HUMAN. We are complex beings. Yet, it is realizing that when we feel inadequate, unhappy, insecure, this is a direct sign that growth is just around the corner.. if you want it to be.

We manifest our reality. We manifest our life. Realize this. Don’t blame others for the place you are at, if you are angry with someone, look inside of yourself.

Face yourself.

Face. Yourself.

Face. Your. Self.

Be equanimous. Live in the present. Face reality, by feeling the sensations in your body. Not worrying over what happened a minute ago or what is to happen a second from now. Never give up. Always try your best, without caring what the outcome will be. For when you honestly try as best you can in any given situation, you will naturally be where you are meant to be.

Don’t take life so seriously. Love the moments. Create your own path, your own destiny. Follow your heart, allow it to guide your actions. FEEL, truly feel. Ahhhh just live.

Respect your body, respect human kind, respect our planet, Mother Earth, Pachamama. Allow your heart to sing its song of glory, of praise, of love. Breathe, remember that. Be, inter-be. Inter-be with all beings, both human and non.

Peace J  

3 thoughts on “Wake up!”

  1. Beautiful! This is true yoga. This was my favorite part – “Always try your best, without caring what the outcome will be. For when you honestly try as best you can in any given situation, you will naturally be where you are meant to be.” Thank you for being you.

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