Who are you?

My heart is pulling me, tugging me in ways I don’t understand. I’m 23 years old and am finally feeling like a woman, coming into this role. Standing up for myself, standing in who I am and not budging. Living my life for me, eradicating the old negative patterns of insecurities. Am doing a damn good job and sometimes forget to remind myself so.

I’m going through many changes right now, have been putting my body through many energetic shifts that I find I am finally releasing, letting go. Not trying to hold on or to control things. Realizing that we are all one, and love is imperative. Compassion, honesty, diligence. The path ahead is long, is hard, is winding. But that same path is beautiful, is one with much laughter, much love, much growth. Many realizations.

I’ve been recently asked to define what spiritual quality I would like to exude to others. What vibe, what message is my aura, my body language, my being, my ‘self’ showing the world. The world around me, the beings who cross my path, the ones I communicate with whether it be verbally, energetically, anything really.

I was given examples of love, of peace, of empowerment. While all those are powerful aspirations, I’ve come up with inspiration. For me inspiration encompasses love, peace, empowerment and much more. My goal is to be an inspiration for all. I’m on my path, on my journey and finding my way. I truly jumped on about 3 months ago and my experiences have been beautiful. The lessons learned are many and continue to come on a daily basis. I realize how much there is to learn, to do, to experience on this Earthwalk, on this journey.

I wish to inspire others to be themselves. Their true selves. Really not caring what others think.

Dancing in the front row at concerts, laughing out loud, saying the quirky things that are on your mind, finding a deep rooted belief in your being and owning it.

I am setting the intent to inspire my‘self’ to be an inspiration to others. To show the world that we can have it all. That we can function on this planet, be inexplicably happy, while still facing reality.

This week I went through something that was very hard but through the work I’ve done on myself, the understandings I’ve come to, the people I’ve surrounded myself with I was able to work through it and get out of it rather quickly. I’m so proud of who I am, I truly love myself and my wish is for everyone to feel this deep rooted love for their very being.

I am love. I am peace. I am a sense of empowerment. I am woman. I am light. I am an inspiration. What are you?

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