I lie awake

I lie awake and I wonder, 

wonder what is to come.

Where do I belong in this world?

How am I to honor my highest, my truest self?


I am a girl, that’s who I am.

Sometimes I call myself a woman.

Finding my way, dancing my dance,

swaying with the currents the universe blows my way.


I laugh. 

I desire to cry, but it comes not.

What part of me is blocked?

What am I not facing?

I can question, continue on & on

Yet, I choose to stop.

myself will unlock as it is ready


For now. Well, for now I decide to be.

To be me in every situation, no matter the beings present,

no matter the circumstances,

no matter what might happen.

For living in might, in maybe, in limbo serves me not.


I am love.

I embody truth.

I am an inspiration.


Know what keeps me going, keeps me thriving?


Yes, you.

The being who is taking the time to read this.

The being who opens their heart, their eyes, their ears to me.

Those of you who give me a chance,

But maybe even more so to those who do not.

For I do not give up.

Call me headstrong, call me stubborn

But know that I love you.


In the beginning there was love, forever there will be love.

I am love.

I am you..

One thought on “I lie awake”

  1. To those beings with the honor to have been touched by your presence; you are the sweet goddess Inspiration, never felt on this earth in such a raw, concentrated form!

    Cheers to Our Inspiration!

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