If you answer the call

I sit here at a turning point,
a crossover in my life.
I’ve dealt with,
I’ve faced
many a dark side,
many an internal demon.

I’m connected to those who love me,
who care for me,
whom show me compassion and mercy.

I’m taking a trip.
I giggle.. aloud …and I smile as I write this.

Currently, I am submersed in ‘the nature’ as I call it.
Feeling the temperature,
last I checked 33 degrees out 🙂

I smile,
I feel the connectedness, the hope
the knowing,
the love,
the future
the now.

How special,
how divine
this moment,
each moment
truly is.

I am beginning a new chapter
well am closing a chapter.
Beginning the afterword.
and come March, come March
a whole new book

so get ready, stay tuned.
I’ve much to share,
much I’ve been growing on.
Using the tools, the skills I’ve built
and sharing, showering the universes
Singing my hearts song of glory.
Your hearts song of glory.

So I dare you,
dare you I say.
As this winter time comes to an end,
to a mere completion.

Look back,
think upon your hibernation this wiinter time.
Feel what you’ve learned, feel your mistakes
(for they are not mistakes)
feel your challenges,
feel your love
your aspirations,
your plans,
your prayers

Send blessings,
send intentions from your heart.
Feel from your heart!
Open your eyes,
clear out your system
and make way for the new,
the unknown,
the excitement,
the adventure.

For it’s awaiting you,
if you answer the call…

9 thoughts on “If you answer the call”

  1. Soooo grateful for this poem today. I couldn’t sleep past 1:30am last night, many things flying through my head. Thank you for this morning gift. Hugs.

    1. Thank you! It’s literally been years since I’ve written anything for this blog.. yet over the past few months, out of nowhere, folks have started liking my posts and following. I believe this is a sign to begin again!

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