ooo la la

Spirals, chirping, a sound in the near distance
life, love, emotions, clarity, awakening.

Dancing, dreaming, reality,
layers, manifestation, belief.

Saying Hi to the unknown, hello to the known.
Both are one in the same

Who are you? Do you dare to dive in?
Are you willing to face that which you perceive as your dark?

I offer you, invite you to take a peek.
For in that peek you will realize that darkness is not there.
Darkness is a perception stemmed from fear, from the unknown.

Yet, I challenge you to feel this “darkness” from your heart and
before long I promise you’ll perceive it as mere light.

Love all, be all, do all, share all.
Live, listen to the vibrations, the subtleties.
For they are always present,
awaiting your response, your acknowledgement.

Take that step, answer your call.
Discover your hidden, untapped potential.
Manifest your reality at hand, manifest your dreams.
Dare to dream. Dare to achieve. Dare to be free.

Open your arms, give a great big smile and hug the Earth.
Feeling the core rhythms within your core.

and play. live, feel merry, feel light

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