LIFE- defined by Angelique

I didn’t know what I wanted to post today.  I could have given you one of my ideas of how to channel your inner passions, but I honestly didn’t feel like it! For some reason I typed the word “life” and typed out an acronym for it.  I have no idea why but I am happy that I did.  In doing so I discovered thoughts swarming around in my mind that I did not realize were there. 

Life:  listen, invigorate, familiar, eager                                                                  

Listening is a major part of our life.  We listen to the brain chatter. We listen to our family and friends. We listen to the radio.  We listen to the messages of advertisements.  We listen to the body language of others.  Listening is a great quality to have but  it is also something to be taken cautiously.  We can easily listen to the wrong messages, which can then throw our life askew.  I believe it is important to be able to shrug aside the negative messages.  In order to do this we must know who we are and what we stand for. Know your beliefs, know your passions, know where you stand.  Do not be afraid to listen to yourself for this will open up opportunities you never imagined. 

Invigorate.  Wow, what a strong word.  Life IS invigorating; take a moment to think of it.  People invigorate us, nature invigorates us, different moments in life invigorate us, our thoughts can invigorate us, actions, beliefs, moments, love, ideas, feelings, questions, the truth, hobbies, a good book, a horse ride with my dad on a cold winter afternoon, laughing with my friends while backpacking through Ireland, ‘ a new “crush”, making an ‘A’ on that ridiculous assignment, the realization of your potential in life  … Gosh, I could write “invigorations”  indefinitely. What invigorates you?

There’s something comforting about the word familiar.  I find it comforting to think of life as familiar.  Life is something we are used to, we do it every single second of our day.  I take life for granted because of the fact that it is familiar.  By actually admitting this, I am a little saddened.  I don’t want to take life for granted.   I guess this correlates with living my life passionately because the more I work on that aspect of life, the more I enjoy life, and the less I take it for granted!

Eager… Ahhh I’m soo eager to find my passion in life.  My life is encapsulated with eagerness.  I can’t wait to find my true calling, but I know that I need to enjoy  every moment in life.  It is ok feel eager over something, but you should not allow it to consume your life.  A close friend and priest gave me the best advice this week.  We were discussing my life and I mentioned how I wanted to find myself by graduation.  He stopped me and said, ” Do not worry over ‘finding yourself.’  It will happen when God is ready.  Just follow the path he sets out before you.  You may not know where you are going, but if you are doing what you feel is right then this will be sure to lead you, to you.” 

Who knew the word life could bring out so many ideas and thoughts.  It’s funny how taking time to free write, opens up places that you never realized.  So my challenge for you today is to free write.  Write whatever is on your mind. Be creative.  If it takes an acronym of a word such as life, then so be it, but if not then that’s ok too.  Just do whatever your heart desires.  Good luck!

I will live a life uncommon.

I made a choice today. A choice to choose the road less traveled.  I believe I’ve overcome a standstill that I’ve been stuck in for the past month. 

 I wake up each morning and strive to be the best person that I can be in every aspect of my life.  But lately I’ve felt as even that weren’t enough.  I unconsciously allowed the troubles in my life to consume me.  Thankfully I am a positive person and believed there was a light at the end of the tunnel,  even though it was hard to see. 

I work at a breakfast restaurant and went to work at 5:15 am, like any other Wednesday.   I had a few annoyances  that I allowed to bother me.  I, then, told myself that I would control my day, and would make it a positive one no matter what came my way.  The day slowly turned around and I noticed a difference in my mood.  I kept this up the entire day and made sure that all of my decisions were conscious.  I completed tasks that I would normally hold off for another day.  I realized how accomplished and content I felt, just by doing everything I should do.

In his book Rhythm’s of life, Matthew Kelly tells us to have a line in which we can repeat to motivate ourselves when necessary.  A statement that will motivate you to work towards your goal, one that will humble you, one that will make you strive to become a “better-version-of-yourself.” Matthew says to repeat it over and over until you believe it.  He also says to break the phrase down word by word and to find meaning in each word.  I chose  mine today.  The idea of it stemmed from a statement he wrote in his book, but I changed it to suit me. My statement  is: ” I will live a life uncommon.”  I chose this statement because I know that I will impact the lives of others.  I will find my passion and will be completely content and happy with my job and my life. I can break down the statement and find meaning in each word individually. 

I know that we ultimately control our lives.  Yet, I’ve struggled with actually becoming  successful with it.  I finally started thinking for myself today.  My morning may seem average, but I overcame a huge hurdle in being able to change my attitude.   I will not worry what other people think of me.  I’m finally finding myself.  It’s amazing to realize that the tasks I’ve been doing to “find my passion” are finally paying off!

Today, I challenge you to find your mantra.  Something that will push you to overcome the hurdle’s life throws your way.  In doing so, it is a stepping stone to finding your life’s purpose.

What do you want from life?

I’m reading a book by Matthew Kelly titled, “Rhythm of Life.”  Though I’m not finished reading it, this book has changed my life in more ways than one.  I feel like it’s important to share this today because this book has a major impact on the current journey I’m traveling.  In the beginning of the book he ask something that immediately started turning the wheels in my head.  He asks the question, “What do you want from life?”

  At first glance you may not think very much of it; but really think about your answer.  “What do you want from life?”   Take some time out of your day to figure this out, whether it be 5 minutes or 5 hours.  In order to find your life’s passion and purpose you must first know what you expect to get out of life.  I have taken some time and journaled about what I want from my life.  I’m graduating in two months from college and still have no idea what I will be doing.  So in one sense, I don’t know what I want from life.  I do know that I’m interested in the well-being of human kind and that I want to make a difference in the lives of others.  I do not want to look back on my life and have any regrets.  I want to find and become the person God created me to be.  I want to find peace.  Once I find this peace I want to bestow it upon others.    

I have many more wants from life, but they are for me.  I challenge you to take some time out of your day and write as long and hard as you can.  You may not know the details of what you want from life, but dig deep into your soul. Discover what you want from life;  don’t be afraid to find out what will ignite the fire with-in and challenge you to live a life you have always dreamed!


I believe in living life for the moment.  I aspire to enjoy every second of every moment of life.  One of the ways in which I work on doing so is by dancing.  I free dance in the shower before work in the morning and move however my body feels like.  I dance in my car while sitting in traffic.  I dance at work whenever a fun song comes on.  I dance in the living room with my roommates and pretend as if I’m performing to a crowd.

I find that this helps to relieve stress.  Dancing helps me to shake off worries and puts a smile on my face.  Most of my friends do this as well and we all agree that it’s a fun way to take stress away.  So next time you find yourself grooving to some music in the shower, listen to your body and move in whatever way your body is telling you to!

What is your outlet?

I challenge you to find your inner outlet.  My definition of outlet is something that helps to bring you peace of mind; an activity that allows you to express your inner emotions.  It is a way of releasing built up energy.  I’ve recently found one that works  really well for me.  I stumbled across it actually.  My roommate bought four ceramic masks that came with basic paint.  We painted them one night and I became really creative with mine.  So, this sparked an interest in me and as part of my birthday present my mom bought an acrylic paint set for me.  I have since completely re-decorated my room and painted sooo many different things in it, including my chest-of-drawers, bedside table, and a bunch of canvases.  I create abstract paintings as well as inspirational quotes and words on my furniture and canvases.  Painting helps me to focus my energy and it relieves a lot of the excess stress that I carry along with me.

So I challenge you to find your outlet.  Be open to trying out different things.  I wouldn’t have EVER guessed that I could paint or would even enjoy it soo much.  Good Luck!

Looking with-in

When on the path of discovering your life passion, you must first look with-in yourself.  Knowing who you are, what you believe and what you stand for are imperative.  One thing that has helped me to find myself is journaling.  I began a little over a year ago and have just completed my first journal.  It’s amazing to look through my journal entries and notice how much I’ve grown over the course of a year.

I’d like to share with you one of my journal entries in particular.  In order to fully understand the meaning behind it, I’ll give a brief background:

Three of my friends moved to Ireland for the summer and I went visit them on the last two weeks that they were there.  We traveled through different parts of Ireland and spent the last four days in Amsterdam.  I brought my journal with me and wrote in it throughout the entire trip.  On the flight home, I wrote exactly what was on my mind.  I usually struggle in being completely open with my feelings, but I was on such a high from the experiences of traveling that I didn’t restrict myself from my thoughts and was able to write freely. 

I didn’t think very much of this entry at the time that I wrote it.  But as I was skimming through my old journal entries, I came across this one in particular; it really touched me.  Since then, I have  read it to quite a few people.  By reading this entry I have become more comfortable in exposing me self to others and actually allowing them to get to know the real me!    So here goes:

“We are all put on this earth for a reason.  I believe it is the personal duty of humankind to find their true calling.  Not all of us do.  The road/path is not easy.  There are obstacles and standstills along the way, but this is not anything that we can’t handle.  For if you work towards this and find your passion, the universe will reward you.  I have a deep care for the well being of mankind.  I wish to be one of the forefathers in this current global crisis we are in.  I have a great life set out for me.  I impact the lives of those which I encounter and will only continue to do so.

It takes many different types of people in order for our world to function.  We should not judge or criticize those that lead simpler lives or even those that live wealthier lives.   Be at peace with where and who you are.  Realize that your actions lay out the itinerary of your life.  Use the gifts and talents which are given to you.”

Angelique M. Watson,  8/3/09

Living Life Passionately

Blogs are typically focused on a particular passion that someone has on a particular subject.  When brainstorming the topic for my blog, I tried to think of the main aspect in my life that I was passionate about.  In doing so  I came to the revelation that my  current passion in life is living life passionately.  This is something that I strive for on a daily basis.  To be perfectly honest, I have not yet found my specific passion in life.  I have yet to find the one thing that enlivens me, that one thing that I focus on above all things.  I don’t believe it is time for me to find it though.  For it is through looking for my “passion” that I have learned how to live life passionately.  Finding ones passion is not easy, for life throws many curveballs your way.  It is imperative to realize that most anything worth attaining must be worked towards.  I can attest to this, and with all of the wonderful days I have, I still encounter bad ones as well.  But it is in this time where I choose to learn from my mistakes, appreciate the good times, and be open to every situation life brings my way.

                I’ve noticed that since I have begun living life passionately  I have found many smaller “passions.” The smaller passions are different hobbies or activities that ignite the fire with-in me, which keep me motivated throughout my journey of finding my true “passion” in life. Through this journey I’ve noticed that I have impacted the lives of others by sharing different insights with them that I have learned through different experiences in life.   Through my blogs, I will share with you the different ways that I have come to find a few of my passions.  I have no doubt that this will ultimately guide me on my search for my ultimate life’s path.  I am confident that this blog will be another one of those stepping stones that lead me in the direction of finding my true calling.  So, welcome aboard! I’m excited to see just what the future of this blog entails.