Lady Bird Lake

I’m sitting at Lady Bird Lake, listening to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees. I can hear the chirping of birds coming from somewhere close by. Out in front of me I see the sun, shining ever so brightly, slowly beginning its evening ritual of setting as it simultaneously glistens over the water.

How blessed am I to be able to have such an experience? Too many times I’ve taken this for granted and I don’t doubt there’ll be more to come. I’m appreciating it now, for that is all that matters. Being content with where I am.

My friend Daniella is on her way to join me. How blessed am I?

To have people who care, to be surrounded by love, to have the openness within me which allows me to appreciate the sheer beauty of our world.

Thank you God, thank you Yahweh, thank you Divine Spirit, thank you guided path. I feel completely content, am embracing the fact that I am meant to be here in Austin, TX at Lady Bird Lake at this very moment, and am honored. Honored to be the person I am. Honored to be given the gift of life. Simply Honored. 🙂

Why not now?

As I posted in my last blog, I’ve recently move to Austin. I find that moving here has brought out a new Angelique. I am no longer in the comfort zone of my friends, my family and my job at Edie’s. I am having to learn to spread my wings among strangers. I have more time for myself than I’ve had in years. I am experiencing the town on my own and learning how to push myself to do things I’m not necessarily comfortable in. And through all of this I am pretty much the happiest I’ve been… EVER!

Austin is an amazing city, with so many unique aspects to it. Yet, I am realizing that Austin is not the only reason I am so happy. I am happy and content because I’m following my heart, listening to my inner voice. I am following my path, which is leading me to what I was born to do.

Yes, it is scary at times; but what’s life without a little spontaneity? For I can’t imagine not being here and am so grateful for it.

My challenge for you this evening is to take a few moments to think of what your inner desire is. What is your heart telling you to do? Are you living your life in accordance to this, or are you just pushing it aside? Thinking that someday I’ll run that marathon, someday I’ll start eating healthy, someday I’ll go visit my grandmother, someday I’ll move to a new state… Why not now? Why wait for tomorrow? Why go on living with the expectation that there is always tomorrow? Why not now?